Monday, 9 September 2013

Apprentice Asia

The Apprentice Asia:

Is a reality show conducted in the business sector by the very famous tycoon of asia Mr.Tony Fernandes.  It is basically a Asian version of the original US version.  The show at start had 12 participants from different countries like India, Philippines, China, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. and aired in AXN for four months starting from May.

The Task:

The 12 participants where put into different business tasks each week where the least performer gets eliminated and finally a winner will be given the chance of working with Mr.Fernandes.  These tasks involved performance like selling the fish without knowing its original price, creating a viral video for expedia, innovating wardrobes for the air asia employees, doing stock market, hotel room checking, etc.

The Influence:

The influence of the show was pretty high as it kindled the fire in every individual's soul and created a curiosity of who will win the title.  Even the contestants was very emotional over winning the task and moving further for the next week.  The Influence at the end was really a positive impact in the society which is good.

The Question:

The influence was good, TRP was also above average and created sensational news all over asia but the real question is.  Is the participants learnt something other than pointing out someone else to be eliminated in the board room?  The main core success for Mr.Fernandes came from his humility which is known to every one did the participants learnt that from him or else they learnt how to push aside a person and run further in the competition.

The Winner: 

The ultimate winner of the competition was Jonathan from Philippines and Andrea became the first runner up respectively Alex and Sam followed the way of the runner up line-up.  Why Jonathan got to be a winner? The reason is very simple he made everything to be  big from his childhood  he never takes responsibilities instead finds a person who can do that and sits back. he always try to reach the pinnacle of all the actions he ever does and sounded more of bookish person and less emotional.  

Why not Andrea?  This is the interesting question, why can't andrea be the winner she was the least experienced participant and youngest in the last four participants and yet reached till final.  She was very good with people and had the guts of creating influence and made the losing team to be a winning team and was a stronger contestant till the end and the only problem she had was from the advisor point of view she is very much emotional. Who told that emotional person can't win or lead the business, for example in a simple family when a women becomes emotional she makes sure that her family is safe and sounded she will not sit in a sofa and have drinks for her failure instead she learns from it move ahead with her family.  Why this little thinking was not happened in apprentice asia.  


On the whole the apprentice asia was a great program which created more positive influence the only place where it was less influential is the board room and the final decision of taking a emotionless and bookish person who does not know about the Air Asia staff became the Chief of Staffs.  How funny!

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