Tuesday, 24 September 2013

How Politicians use Social Media for Politics

Politicians can gain the power only by socialising with the citzens.  In late 80's and 90's the politicians went on using the rally and visiting some poor place which needed attention and gained the trust of the people.  This method was highly emotional and effective even now it is effective where the people are illiterate. But this modern society has successfully made the people to move into social media for connecting with others and nowadays no one is checking on any news channels for news.  Instead they surf the social media and gain their knowledge on the matter this lead to reduction of people attending the rally and other social activities.

Since the people have moved ahead the politicians are left with the option of either joining the social media or closing their rally and leaving to their home town.  So they opted for the previous and started their energetic political campaigns in the social media itself.

Social Media Campaigns For Politicians and Political Party:

The study reveals that politicians are gaining lots of people's like via social media than any other advertisements for example, the prime minister candidate for the political party BJP Mr. Narendra Modi got likes of around 4,451,000 whereas the arch rival political party Congress got a like of 76,262 easily without even starting their election campaigns for the upcoming elections.

People believe that the social media is providing correct information.  Hence it becomes obvious for the politicians to be in the social media for gaining popularity and sympathy.

Creating Regular Updates about their activities:

The politicians never stop with just creating a fan page instead they regularly keep on updating about their activities in a more dramatic way to make more followers.  Once the followers count is increased then there is a added advantage of people creating new post in favor of the politicians.  There is slightly a possibility of pulling the leg of the politician also.

No Force Full Gain:

In social media no one can't force anybody so the political party will not force anyone like theirs instead it will just tell the story from their angle according to which the people may like and share it.

Final Thoughts:

Social media has made people more practical than dramatic which made the politicians to signup in a social media than creating any noise pollution lively in the road.

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