Friday, 20 September 2013

How to Retain Indian Rupee's Glory

In the current time Indian rupee value is decreased a lot due to economic changes which are happening in America and other developed countries.  The country which stands second in line for highest population is losing its money value.  Here few topics are suggested on how to retain the value for Indian rupee.

Imports & Exports:

During this disastrous fall of rupee to US dollars the sector which benefit the most is the export sector as it will get more money than the promised one.  If exports in huge amounts are supported by the government then there is a possible way of retaining the value. 

On the other hand the import sector has to pay more than promised as the value is reduced a lot which may result in a loss of around 20% for a business.  For this the government and public has to reduce their imports or has to levy high taxes for import which may slow down the imports and this action will result in the decent incline of the rupee value.

Be Indian Buy Indian:

This may be one of the slogan used during freedom fight, but surely if this slogan is followed strictly for the least time period of 2 months then the rupee value will be increased and even it may result in the fall of US dollar.  India has lot of manpower and buying capacity hence even if 100 crore Indians buy only Indians products for a single day.  The downfall will never stand in our way.  My brothers and sisters atleast sacrifice one day in your lifetime to recover the Indian Rupee by buying only Indian Products.

Attractive Interest Rates by RBI:

Indians are basically interested more towards savings but nowadays due to mere interest rates the people are spending the money more than saving it.  If RBI introduces exclusive interest rates for the savings then most people will be depositing their money in the bank which results in the glory for the nation and rupee value.

Limited Use of Resources:

"India may be poor but Indians are rich" is the single phrase definition for India in other countries.  So if the rich Indians are ready to sacrifice their luxury of driving their own vehicles and use public transport say for a week then it will create havoc in the oil and energy sector making it buy less amount of oil and energy and even there is a good chance of reduction of oil prices.

Regular Tax Payment:

Last but not the least if everyone in India is paying their taxes without fail then it will result in the raise of not only rupee value but GDP, Infrastructure, Elimination of Poverty, etc.


The topic may interest the reader or it may not interest them but to be a true indian atleast practice only one method for one day individually or collectively because if you do so.  You are the one who changed the Fate of India for the moment.

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