Thursday, 19 September 2013

Marketing in the world of Twitter and Facebook

Marketing started as an recommendation by a person to other for a product in ancient times.  This technique actually had more ROI which made the business people hire for marketers and boost the sales of their products.  Marketing never means selling a product to customer instead the really meaning of Marketing is that it influences the customer and the post action of that influence creates sales.

Marketing is purely a strategic plan for reaching the people with product information in which end result will be sales. For example, advertisement in TV, Radio, Theater, Pamphlets, Posters, etc. will actually attracts the customer first and teaches them how this product is unique, and converts them to buy the products.

The ages of TV ads, Radio ads are gone long back with the invention of internet and social media.  Even TV viewers change their channels during commercials due to their lack of interest towards the commercials.  The commercials which creates curiosity, humor, attraction are the one to get success and also marketing in the social medium is very cost effective and reaches the targeted audience and the ROI is simply higher mostly the experts say that 300% ROI is the good example for social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin paves the way for more people to gather at one place without much effort.  It helps the society to share their views, interest, thoughts, etc., to their friends and families.  Apart from it any user can get latest information easily.  In simple word social media is the place where the current stories reaches first than any other medium.

By what means a business can do marketing in Social Media?  A business can't straightly go and ask the user to buy their products.  One can't push a person with their choices so the way for marketing is that it has to share the information of their products like what the product is capable of, how it is unique than other competitors, conducting some online events, giving a comparison with other products, mentioning the pros and cons of a product, displaying the reviews of the user, etc.

Creating a Group or Page:

In Social Media an information should get popular first otherwise it will not attract the people so for getting popular the information has to be published in a relevant group or in a relevant page where more followers are gathering.

At start only information needs to be given and should follow other similar groups and pages rather than pushing the product.  Literally people hates the pushing technique instead they love the product when your teaching them with product information, uses, efficient techniques, guidence.

All these Group and page can be done in both ways either organic or by paid.  Usually Organic has the long stand audience and makes sure that the brand name is created among others but it will never deliver the fruit quickly so for quick action one has to select the paid method which delivers the results easily but the only problem is that those result cannot be considered as authentic.


Marketing in social media is much more easier and cost effective and the results which delivers are really authentic and reliable and it also paves way to stay in connect with the customers which is good for all sort of business.

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