Friday, 13 September 2013

The Influential Women - Winfrey Oprah

The world would have never predicted that a poor little girl from Mississippi who was raped at the age of 9 and became a mother at the age of 14 would achieve an unimaginable success in the media world and also use her influence in the field of politics.  Even Winfrey wouldn't have thought about it but this is reality.  She is one among the most successful woman and an influential lady.  What are all the reason for her success, which no one has achieved even though they had support more than Winfrey Oprah.


Winfrey Oprah never stopped for a single hurdle in her life instead she simply tested the hurdle and won it each time.  She was basically a challenger throughout her life facing all the problems, struggles, and moving ahead of it.  It sometimes looks like as if she is racing faster than the problem racing towards her. 


Oprah would have been got criticised for every effort she took in her life but she never got distracted found new ways to lead from their.  This fact mostly resembles on her TV shows where from a small gig show she pushed her show towards more focused topics like illiteracy, self-help, heart attack, etc.

Decision Maker:

She followed her own decisions on all phases of her life that is what making her to be a multi-talented person. Her decisions where the reason for major shifts in her life and above all her decisions made her to dominate media world against all white male anchors.


Oprah is described as one of the influential women in the world currently recently her support for Barack Obama has resulted in a millions of votes in favor of him.  Apart from her business there is really a huge hope for success if she takes politics as her mainstream.


The world never knows the power of women.  They can change any situations in any moment of their life.  The only example for this phrase will be Winfrey Oprah.

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